Types of Catering Courses

When it comes to catering the general perception that people have is that it all about cooking, chefs and working in restaurants. But there is a lot that the predominant do not have any idea about. There are different types of courses offered by catering colleges in all over the world. In this article, we will see the different types of catering courses.

Catering basics

The careering basics course is one of the most common courses that many students take up every year. It is a course that was very specifically developed for students who are in love with the art of cooking and want to create a small business with it. In this course, the students will learn the basic things that are required to manage and run a kitchen.

Catering hospitality internship

The catering and hospitality internship course is one of the preferred courses because the course is more about practical classes. The students get to have more hands-on experience in this course. There is a time that you need to clock on a weekly basis. For most of the institutions which offer this course the time is 18 hours.

Commercial food production course

Commercial food production is a sector which has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade. If you are producing food for the public at a large scale, it requires both culinary and management skills. Hence the course gives equal importance to both culinary skills and management skills. Students who take up this course get jobs in some of the big names in the commercial food production companies.

Menu design and marketing course

When it comes to Menu design and marketing course many do not have much of an idea about it. The students who take up this course are trained to create menus at an affordable price, to meet the expectations of the customers and at the same time make a profit out it. They will also be trained to run marketing campaigns to develop the business.

Management of food beverage purchasing

Normally buying food item and buying food items in bulk are very different. The main focus of Management of food beverage purchasing course is to train the students in the purchasing beverages and food items in bulk. The basic things like cost estimation, to complex things like storage, is covered in this course. Students who take up this course get placed in big hotels and event management companies.


Cost control in food service course

The primary focus of the cost control in food service course is the finance that is involved in the purchasing process. The students are trained to create a budget and cut down on the purchasing cost.  Some of the other areas include labor, storage, and production. This is one of the most preferred and useful courses that is usually taken at the end of the catering management course.