The Importance of Cleaning Your Carpets Before Hosting a Party


With the new season coming up, you can anticipate the increase of parties. Whether it’s a birthday party or even a random get together, you should make sure you get to cleaning before getting the gang together. In this article, we talk about why you should hire a carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets before hosting a party.

Importance of Clean Carpets in your Party:

  • Old stains leave strange odors: If you’re holding a party and you don’t clean out old stains, you can expect weird odors seeping out from your carpet. This can be off-putting, which is why you should take it upon yourself to spot clean your carpet before the party.
  • Dirty Carpets tend to be sticky: This tends to happen when you don’t clean out stains immediately. Just vacuuming the carpet is not enough because vacuums don’t suck out sticky stains. Make sure to soak sticky areas in carpet cleaning solutions and rinse them out with cold water.
  • Stepping on carpets with crumbs is uncomfortable: You should be vacuuming your carpet at least once a week, especially if you tend to eat around it. Crumbs that are sat on or even stepped on with bare feet is quite uncomfortable. Make sure you pass your vacuum cleaner on the carpet at least twice when you get to vacuuming it.
  • People will sit on your carpet: If you’re hosting a movie marathon, then it’s more important to keep your carpet clean before you invite some friends over. You have to remember that the floor is more comfortable to sit on when you’re having a lot of people over for a marathon. The last thing you would want is for them to touch something sticky.
  • Pet stains are unappetizing: If you have people over and they see strange pet stains, they might not feel comfortable because of the smell and generally how it looks. Of course, your guests will be polite enough not to comment on it, but you should make sure you get rid of any stains on your carpet before you host a party.

Key Takeaways:

Hosting a party is so much fun, but the prep for it can be so stressful. Before you make up your guest list or even plan the party, you should make sure every part of your house is clean. The carpet is just one of the things that you should prioritize in cleaning. 

You may wonder why we’re talking about your carpet, but this is an alternative place for your guests to sit when you have them over. This is why you should clean your carpets before hosting a party. We hope you consider these tips.

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Executive Team


Administrative tasks are one of the most difficult tasks to handle. Whether you are a small business owner or a proud CEO to big companies, then you would know that getting stuck with admin work sucks.

In this article we talk about the benefits of an executive virtual assistant to your executive team.

Reasons Why You Need Virtual Assistants:

  • Reduced Costs: With a virtual assistant, you no longer have to worry about training them as the companies they are under has already provided the training necessary. The only thing you need to do is instruct them on the task they need to accomplish.
  • Better use of employees: Administrative tasks take up a lot of time, and if they’re assigned to executive employees, then they may not be able to maximize their time. With a virtual assistant, you free up your executive team’s time to do things that are in line with their expertise.
  • More time-efficient: Administrative tasks seem never ending, and are always exhausting. A virtual assistant will know how to organize the tasks so that they can manage their time more efficiently. Their training allows them to multi-task so they can finish your task with time to spare.
  • They charge less: With virtual assistants, you only have to pay for the hours they spent working on your tasks, should you hire them again, that’s the only time you pay more. It’s convenient for your account because you pay them based on the work they accomplished.
  • No need for extra space: If you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of room for more employees, then outsourcing a virtual assistant would be perfect for you. They can work remotely from their home base and still get everything to you by the time you need it.
  • Provides motivation for other employees: When you hire a virtual assistant, you allow your other employees to finish their tasks by the time it’s needed. This also gives your employees less hassling tasks to worry about and they can spend more time resting and less stressed.
  • More time to yourself: A virtual assistant is a new gear to help the whole company move smoothly. Since virtual assistants are trained to work with a lot of tasks, they also know how to best go about the task without wasting too much time on it. This gives you time to focus on what you need to accomplish, and gives you more time to rest and recuperate.

Key Takeaways:

If you’re a CEO who feels like you’ve wasted too many resources on admin work, then you should consider the benefits of a virtual assistant to your executive team.

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Pressure Washing: A Great Idea Before An Outdoor Party

When we cater a party, we want our guests to have the best possible time at the party. Ordering food is just one of the aspects of a party. Many other important activities must take place to have the kind of party you’re friend will remember a long time.

Cleaning the outside of your house is one very important activity that you cannot forget. Pressure washing is a great way to help make an outdoor cleaning even easier. Our friends at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros have shared some helpful thoughts on the benefits of pressure washing activities.

Party Time!

Planning a big outdoor party with friends or family is exciting, and most hosts want their guests to feel an at-home level of comfort. In order to achieve this, hosts usually spend the day prior to the party cleaning.

If you’re having the party outdoors, a majority of the cleaning you’ll be doing will likely be moving the lawn, trimming any weeds, spraying for insects, wiping down outdoor furniture and hosing off the patio, but did you know that pressure washing can make some of these tasks easier?

By pressure washing, the end result will look like you actually made an impression in your cleanings, and the like-new outdoor area of yours is certain to leave an impression on your guests.

Here’s some items and areas in your backyards and front yards that can help make your home the spring, summer and even fall hotspot for social gatherings within your friendship circle:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Some types of outdoor furniture
  • Grills
  • Fences
  • Siding
  • Driveways
  • Walkways


Imagine your guests arriving at your outdoor party. While many don’t pay mind to the smallest detail, a professional power washing type of cleanliness is hard to miss.

Seeing a driveway that is clear of oil stains and other debris, a walkway that appears as if it was just poured and a front porch or deck that seems newly constructed is a welcoming experience as friends and family await entrance to your home.

If you’re having guests let themselves in the back gate, there are many types of fences where pressure washing can bring them back to life by removing dirt, mold, mildew, insects and other debris. Bricks, concrete, tile and some types of wood are all prime candidates for a good pressure wash.

Want to go the extra mile for yourself, family and friends? Schedule a siding and roof power wash. This not only helps extend the cleanliness levels of your home’s exterior, it can also boost property values.

Social Hour and Dinner

As your guests enjoy an outdoor utopia, complete with hor d’oeuvres, stereo music or a live band, drinks and laughs, imagine their surprise to see your backyard deck and patio appearing as if it must have just been stained, or painted, or remodeled, or… seriously, how does it look that good?!

Keep your guests guessing and let your power washed outdoor living space be the talk of the night. Help your party attendees feel comfortable to sit and eat in freshly cleaned lawn chairs, umbrella tables, benches and more. Also, treat them with a feast fresh off your newly power washed barbecue grill.


Pressure washing is hands down the best chemicals-free way to promote curb appeal and ensure a lasting, extremely noticeable cleanliness in areas you plan on serving food in, sitting and living in.

No one wants to enjoy a grilled steak by some cobwebs under the table, bird droppings around their feet and dirt buildup in every visible nook and cranny. Restore the beauty of your home’s exterior with a pressure wash; it’s the safest, fastest, most effective way to do it!


Pressure washing is best when performed in the summer when the sun shines the most. Be sure to remove any outdoor decorations or furniture that is not to be power washed to avoid damages. It is best to schedule a power washing roughly three to four days prior to the party in order to allow enough time for the area to dry completely. It’s worth the wait!

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Types of Catering Courses

When it comes to catering the general perception that people have is that it all about cooking, chefs and working in restaurants. But there is a lot that the predominant do not have any idea about. There are different types of courses offered by catering colleges in all over the world. In this article, we will see the different types of catering courses.

Catering basics

The careering basics course is one of the most common courses that many students take up every year. It is a course that was very specifically developed for students who are in love with the art of cooking and want to create a small business with it. In this course, the students will learn the basic things that are required to manage and run a kitchen.

Catering hospitality internship

The catering and hospitality internship course is one of the preferred courses because the course is more about practical classes. The students get to have more hands-on experience in this course. There is a time that you need to clock on a weekly basis. For most of the institutions which offer this course the time is 18 hours.

Commercial food production course

Commercial food production is a sector which has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade. If you are producing food for the public at a large scale, it requires both culinary and management skills. Hence the course gives equal importance to both culinary skills and management skills. Students who take up this course get jobs in some of the big names in the commercial food production companies.

Menu design and marketing course

When it comes to Menu design and marketing course many do not have much of an idea about it. The students who take up this course are trained to create menus at an affordable price, to meet the expectations of the customers and at the same time make a profit out it. They will also be trained to run marketing campaigns to develop the business.

Management of food beverage purchasing

Normally buying food item and buying food items in bulk are very different. The main focus of Management of food beverage purchasing course is to train the students in the purchasing beverages and food items in bulk. The basic things like cost estimation, to complex things like storage, is covered in this course. Students who take up this course get placed in big hotels and event management companies.


Cost control in food service course

The primary focus of the cost control in food service course is the finance that is involved in the purchasing process. The students are trained to create a budget and cut down on the purchasing cost. Some of the other areas include labor, storage, and production. This is one of the most preferred and useful courses that is usually taken at the end of the catering management course.

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How a Moving Company Can Help with Your Big Party

One of the pains of hosting and planning a big party is the execution part. Planning can be exhausting but the execution is a whole new level of stress, from the music to the foods, party goodies, and party decorations, you have to make sure that everything else goes smoothly.

This is where a moving company comes in. Moving companies can lend you a hand in carrying all your party must-haves and decors to the venue so you don’t have to completely stress about it. To learn more about a moving company we support, check out Fort Wayne Movers.

Here are 3 ways a moving company can help with your large party:

1. Transport Your Party Goodies Easily

Large parties require large things which includes a sound system, a huge amount of foods, party favors and a ton lot of decorations. Aside from that, large parties carry with them a boatload of stress and one of which is how you can bring all the things you need for the party to its location.

Bringing all of these things to the location can also give you more stress, especially if you happen to forget a thing or two which will require you go back and get all of these things. By the time you arrive at the location, too much time had been wasted and now you’re cramming because you have to decorate the place, check the sound system and the food.

Moving companies have a checklist of things that you need to be transported and ensure that you have all the party goodies ready. This means that you can prepare the venue of the party, and get started with beautifying it.

2. Carry Heavy Things

One of those things that can drag you when it comes to transporting things from one place to another, is the large appliances which require two or more people in order to move it. Now, if your party have large decors such as columns, large vases and even red carpets, no doubt, you need someone to help you move these things. Moving companies lend you hand in transporting heavy things.

Moving companies know how to deal with heavy objects and they even have the right equipment to make sure that the transport will be easy. Aside from that, these people are highly trained to handle your things with care as their performance can affect the name that they’re carrying, ensuring the safety of your large appliances.

You don’t have to carry the burden of transporting heavy things and handle them by yourself when there are a lot of moving companies that can help you with it.

3. Quick Completion

Think of how you felt back in high school whenever you had an exam coming up and you haven’t studied one bit on the lessons so you cram almost half of the book worth of lessons into 1 night? That’s exactly how it feels if you cram your way into preparing the party venue.

You have to make sure that the sound system is working well, the foods that are going to be served on the party is also good, and the whole place looks good— which can never be done smoothly if you lack time.

This is where moving companies can help you when it comes to carrying all the things you need for the party.

The reason behind this is that moving companies have complete facilities that can help them transfer all of your things to the party venue on time. If the things you need to have arrived on time, it means that you don’t have to cram your way into completing the party preparations— less stress.

Final Thoughts

Planning for a big party isn’t necessarily stressful if everything comes according to how you planned it. Moving companies can help you with the party preparations, especially when transporting the things that you need for the party from one place to your party venue.

As the people who are trained to do transfer things from one place to another, they are able to help you transfer the things you need for the party to the location, carry heavy things and accomplish the task quickly.

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Best Culinary Schools In The World

There are a lot of people who love to eat. But there are only a few who love to cook. Cooking is not just a job. It is an art form that cannot be mastered by all. There only a few who are really blessed with the talent and skill to make it big in the culinary world. In this article, we will see the best culinary schools in the world.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is one of the famous culinary schools in the world. It is named after Auguste Escoffier, the French chef who contributed a lot of the French cuisine. The school is known for producing some eminent chefs.


Castello di Vicarello

The Castello di Vicarello is a unique cooking school that offers both full-time courses and also some short term courses. They allow the guests to stay in their facility and learn the art of cooking. They teach you some amazing things like how to make pasta, bread, and pastry.  It does not matter whether you are armature or a pro. You will definitely learn something if you step in Castello di Vicarello.

Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America is very famous for the curriculum that they follow. They have a strong belief that hands-on experience is better than anything else when it comes to cooking. They have a perfectly designed course and also have tie-ups with restaurants to offer internship programs.

Hattori Nutrition collage

The Hattori Nutrition collage is situated in Japan. It was started by one of the popular iron chef Yukio Hattori. The students of the college can showcase their talents to the guests who are staying in their property. The college which is one of the oldest culinary schools in the world was started in the year 1939 and is also considered to be one of the best in Asia.

Nutrition collage

Kendall College of culinary arts

The Kendall College of culinary arts is one of the most preferred culinary schools in the world. The students of Kendal college of culinary arts are among the most talented personalities in the culinary world, and they get jobs in some of the luxurious facilities in the in the world. The college has received a lot of awards and recognition.

Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu which is Paris is considered to be one of the most illustrious culinary institutions in the world.  They specialize in teaching French Gastronomy and cooking. Some of the popular names that you can associate with Le Cordon Bleu are Julia Child and Nathalie Dupree. They have 23 institutions in 5 continents.

New England Culinary Institute

The New England Culinary Institute is very synonymous with producing some of the best pastry chefs in the world. Their course food and beverage management is one of the most preferred courses in all of Europe.

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